Saturday, February 12, 2011

Special Sharing

Normally when I get an e-mail from my friend and former colleague David its something to make me laugh or if its about his beloved Ottawa Senators something to snicker at.  But yesterday I received a note from him that brought me close to tears with happiness that I want to share.

David with a half glass of Guinness in his hand - something I never thought I'd see - normally its an empty glass!

My oncologist said to me today that my blood work and x-ray's were all clear ...

AND ... he said that after 8 years, there's little chance that the cancer will be back ...

AND ... he gave me the golden handshake, and doesn't wanna see me ever again ...

Here's hoping!

Dear friend that is such wonderful news and if I were around I'd buy you a Guinness - or two - to celebrate. I second your oncologist's wish. Complimenti and auguri.

And just for you David:  GO SENS! GO!

12 febbraio - Sant'Eulalia di Barcellona


Anonymous said...

That is wonderful news!
((((HUGS)))) for David


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Dayle ... every bit of encouragement helps a bunch ... :)

All the best,

2 dogs

David Smith