Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Auguri Fantastico!

As I explain almost two years ago when we decided that our darling Cecilia was right and the new pups should be called Nick and Nora we ran into a small problem. For the month of February the registration names with the Italian Kennel Club had to begin with E or F - not that anyone could tell us why just that they had to begin with E or F!!!  Nora was no big deal we simply registered her as Eleanora della Casa Degli Orsi; Nicky, however, was a problem (as he often seems to be) - which we solved by registering him as Fantastico Nicky della Casa Degli Orsi.

Anyway, today is Fantastico Nicky's birthday - though they are from the same kennel the Hounds from Hell are not from the same litter. And as poor Nicky has discovered its not always easy being the younger one. And though they fight like cats dogs and dogs Nicky seems lost when Nora isn't around.  Nora on the other hand like, many older kids, seems blithely indifferent to his presence or absence unless he's bothering her and then its all-in wrestling.  But I noticed that last night when he was in his kennel - there had been some territorial issues - she did sulk for a little bit. I guess like us, the little  bugger is growing on her.

Himself really doesn't like that thing with the red light and the flash that the one with the shiny eyes is always pointing at him.  So its best if you just ignore it or better yet do something to make sure he'll say: Damn can't use that one! 

Regardless of his status as chief Hound from Hell - love you lots my little Nicky.  Happy Birthday Nickster!

23 febbraio - San Policarpo
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Debra She Who Seeks said...

I'm sure Fantastico Nicky will get extra doggy treats and pets today!

laurent said...

We could have called him Policarpo since it is that Saint's day.


cute and cuter

Auntie C said...

Happy Birthday Nicky!!!

Flavor of Italy said...

OMG he's so darling! We love our doggies, don't we? Give him a kiss for me!