Monday, February 14, 2011

Lunedi Lunacy

Its been a while since I posted any sort of lunacy of a Monday but its not if though there isn't plenty around. Normally a walk around Centro of a Sunday afternoon produces something to snicker at if not outright laugh. Yesterday was no exception and produced these little gems.

Now Church's is one of the most respect names in English footwear - I have a beautiful pair of velvet slippers that I bought from them over 20 years ago - and normally I love, even if I can no longer afford, their shoes but....

... when exactly the occasion would arise to wear either Royal Stuart or (I believe) Black Watch Regimental tartan shoes, I'm not sure. However should it ever become necessary I now know where I can get a pair for only €350.00 (roughly $470.00 CAD or USD).

Being on the practical side Laurent's first thought was: how do you clean them? My first thought? Why would you wear them unless you want to get beaten up?

14 febbraio - Santi Cirillo e Metodio

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

The scary thing is that there MUST be a market for them or Church's wouldn't make them.

Gotta run, my eyes are bleeding.

Jacques said...

Glue some soft spikes on the bottom and they'd be perfect for the golf course.

Anonymous said...

They would be perfect for a Fred Astaire number.

David said...

Nostalgia of the now-prosperous oldster for those Bay City Rollers days??

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