Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Going Postal

I received two packages today - one from Canada and the other from Padova. I'll talk about the one from Canada first.

It was from our good friend Cathy and she had mailed it back on December 6, 2010 - that's 71 days ago. So it took 71 days for a parcel to get from Ottawa to Rome.  I can't tell from any of the post marks as to when it arrived here but my friend Mark has suggested it has been held in the tender hands of Poste Italiene for perhaps a little while as he has found the same thing with parcels from New Zealand. Now part of my astonishment at the length of time that it took to get here is that a week ago Tuesday I sent a parcel from Rome back to Canada and Laurent's father received it by Monday - 6 days including a weekend??  Now I will admit that I had gone over and mailed it from the Country on the other side of the River and there is a chance that Pope Post has special wings but really??? Rome to Montreal - 6 days; Ottawa to Rome - 71?????? Strano as we say here, molto strano!

The other parcel was from the Hotel Beludi 37 in Padova and I was equally astonished but this time in a more than good way.
Hote Beludi 37 - Entrance
We had stayed at the hotel during our all too brief stopover in Padova on the way up to Austria. Two days was not enough time to see all the wonders of this fascinating city nor to experience the warm hospitality of the Beludi. The hotel is located a block away from the Sanctuary of Sant'Antonio - we had a view of the Basilica from our bedroom window - and close to all the sights.  It has a good breakfast, allows pets and has free wi-fi in the rooms - I'm still trying to figure out how a small hotel can do that when a big hotel charges €20.00 a day for internet. The first morning the hand shower was causing problems so I mentioned it to the front desk. Being a Saturday they weren't able to get a repair man in so they moved us to a better room - with that great view - and presented us with a bottle of Prosecco, snacks and a small fruit basket. All that for a broken shower! But it didn't end there.

Our very comfortable room with windows overlooking the Piazza Santa at the highly recommended Hotel Beludi 37 in Padova.
Saturday night we had dinner at a restaurant in Centro and in a moment of abstraction - not infrequent these days it would seem - I left my small change purse on the table - with change and more important the only copy of a combination number in it. When I remembered it on Sunday the front desk called the restaurant but it was closed for the day. At that point I gave it up for lost.  The next day as we sat at lunch in Innsbruck the cell rang - it was Tomas from the front desk at the Beludi. He had contacted the restaurant, they had the change purse, he would go over at some point and then send it on to my home address.
The view towards the Sanctuary of Sant'Antonio from our hotel room window at the Beludi 37 - you can't get much closer than that!

That was the parcel I received today - I might add 5 days after he posted it by Poste Italiene - complete with all the change and that important number.  There is no way to sufficiently express how impressed I am with that sort of care and service.  1000 grazie to Tomas, and in fact to all the wonderful staff, at the Hotel Beludi 37 - your hotel may be listed as a two star (I'm still trying to figure that one out) but the service is ***** all the way.

16 febbraio - Sant'Elia e Compagni


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Now THAT'S a hotel that knows how to keep customers coming back! What wonderful service!


71 days? hell they could have delivered it in person faster..that's plum scary.

yvette said...

Sant'Antonio from Padova is sure to have kept an eye on you, dear
friend,(thanks for the comment on my last post;it is always nice to read you). This last story gives plenty of hope! What a nice room too!