Saturday, February 19, 2011

Buon Complianno Nora

The official 2nd Birthday Photo - regal but still approachable.
Its hard to believe that Eleanora della Casa Degli Orsi (that would be our Nora) is two years old but time, except for dogs they tell us, flies.  Our little boar hunter was one of 5 pups in Mama Lucy's litter and has inherited all of her mother's tracking instincts.  Even in the middle of the city she's busy tracking, if not wild boar then certainly, neighborhood cats. 

And sometimes a girl just looks into the future and seriously ponders ...  when will I get the next biscuit?

19 febbraio - San Corrado Confalonieri


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Dog biscuits are the hardest things of all to track through the urban jungle. Happy Birthday, Nora!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Nora!

yvette said...

Big Hugs Nora, you look so sweet!
Have a nice year!


wow..has it been 2 years? she doesn't look a day over 9 months.

David said...

Soooo truculent (sweet, tho') in that first picture.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Nora, and soon the same to Nicky!


Doralong said...

A belated Happy Birthday Nora. I'm happy you finally fit into your big girl collar :)

Mucho Besos-

Auntie Dora