Sunday, January 10, 2010

At Least the Trains Run on Time (Sometimes)

Well I have often screamed "balls" while trying to make a booking and their website is definately a cockup so this may be close to the truth than the writer knew!

Many thanks to the remarkable Opera Chic for this one.

10 gennaio - San Pietro I Orseolo



ohhh, that's too funny

sageweb said...

hahaha I love the have a word that rhymes with genitalia...

Jacques said...

Runs on time? What parallel universe have you been hanging out in lately?

Once the ES/AV were rather trustworthy about being on time, since they were given priority, but now that they are the majority on the major axes... I haven't had a VE<->MI train with less than 5 minutes delay in months, and 15 is pretty standard (but at least the schedule times have dropped, just not as much as the fares have risen).

Now, any delay up to 60 minutes doesn't get any reimbursement (then it's only 25% anyway);
Lately delays below 15 minutes don't merit any announcement by the train staff.

Once upon a time there was at least the formality of "ci scusiamo con la gentile clientela", but no longer even that.

Willym said...

Jacques: You'll notice I included a "sometimes" there - but I must admit I have not subjected myself to the tender mercies of TrenItalia for the past 5 months... though that is to change in the next week or two. Actually come to think of it the last time was in May and we were 6 hours late and I just got my voucher this week. I may stand correct on it, not just the website is a cockup!