Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mercoledi Musicale

Another remarkable talent from my youth has left the scene - Kate McGarrigle along with sister Anna where part of the folk scene and more. Song writer, singer - solo, duet and backup - and instrumentalist - banjo, piano, guitar and if I recall auto-harp - she, with her sister, was a force.

Here they are in one of Stephen Foster's ballads Hard Times Come Around No More. They are joined by Kate's son Rufus Wainwright, Emmylou Harris, Mary Black, Karen Matheson and Rod Paterson.

And the sisters take a gentle poke at personal ads with Petit Announce Amoureuse

The writer is only 5'2", smokes - but only good tobacco -, scares dogs and cats and frankly puts the fear of god into little children but ... is tired of being alone.

Their good friend Emmylou Harris sang Love Is, a quintessential McGarrigle composition when they were honoured at the 2004 Governor General's Awards in Ottawa. And her lovely and loving tribute at the conclusion is a wonderful summation of Kate and Anna.

20 gennaio - San Sabastiano


David said...

Thanks for alerting me to this, Will, though it makes me very sad. I'm addicted to 'Southern Boys' on the album 'Dancer with Bruised Knees' - had to settle for the title track in my own little tribute.

Jeff said...

Beautiful tribute- especially the Emmylou. A very sad loss.

Elizabeth said...

Oh I had no idea! I'm so sad. I love the McGarrigles (and their talented offspring)!

Sling said...

I.LOVE.THIS.STUFF!..I was a little surprised by what sounded to my ear like Irish music,sung in French,but then,I don't get out much...Sorry we have lost such a wonderful talent.


ohh i like these all very much..but emmy lou...she's the best..