Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Madrid Nights - Christmas Lights II

Though all of the centre of the city was ablaze with lights two areas were particularly beautiful - to my eye at least.

After a duck out of the rain into the marvelous art nouveau El Pabellón de el Espejo and a much needed aperitvo we head out along the side streets off Paseo de Recoletos which led us to the edges of the Chueca area. We followed a broad ribbon of lavender lights that led us into Plaza de Chueca.

Those rainbow colours - and the artistic arrangement - should have told us we were heading straight - you should excuse the expression - for the Plazza del Chueca.

The most elegant light display was the forest of winter trees on the stretch of Calle Alcala from the Plaza de la cibeles to the Puerta Alcala. The tree patterns changed depending on where you were standing and the depth of the vista. It was a truly magical creation of light and dimension.

06 gennaio - Epifania

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it looks like a disney fanasty movie..just beautiful.

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