Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Madrid Nights - Christmas Lights - I

At the best of times I'm sure that the centre of Madrid at night is a fascinating sight but over the Christmas season the imaginative use of lights gives it an added magic. And its not just the main avenues and well known boulevards; back ways and side streets are strung with lights to celebrate the holidays.
Plaza de la red de San Luis had this modern skyscraper of lights as its centre piece and Gran Via was strung with matching festoons. It gave the appearance of a modern city receding into the night.
Whereas Passo del Prado was all multi coloured wreaths suspended in the darkness. And the pedestrian boulevard that runs down the centre dotted with trees of lights.
And a small side street was a bit more traditional with candles and holly.

Plaza de La Cibeles was very modern with abstract patterns surrounding the fountain and a forest of suspended light icicles heading down Paseo de Recoletos.

Around our hotel at Plaza de San Martin, on the Arenal and Alcala Christmas balls and abstract clouds led down to the gigantic tree at Puerta del Sol.

05 gennaio - San Giovanni Nepomuceno
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sageweb said...

wow that is amazing and very unique..I love it.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I guess they don't get their electricity from OPG


now I know where the word awesome came from ..

Sling said...

Beutimous!..Those kids really know how to fire up Christmas.

Speck said...

Those are some seriously fabulous lights!

Elizabeth said...

Gorgeous shots Willym! I'm simply dying to go to Spain, and your pics just add to my eagerness.

Happy new year!

(My verification word is "knish." Mmmm... I love knishes.)

booda baby said...

Ooh. I love this - this strange bobble in my brain. Soon, very soon, I'll post my pictures of Madrid at Christmas. Of course, they'll look almost like yours. Only - here's the bobbling factor - oddly different. Anyway, I wish we were blog pals so we could have met for whatever we were dining on or drinking that night. I'm sure it would have helped on the long, LOOOOONNNG way home. :\