Sunday, January 24, 2010

Things Cinematic - Stolen Scenarios

I went to the cinema last week for the first time in ages to see Avatar. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about and since my friend Marco is a sci-fi buff he said he'd come along - well okay I nagged him until he agreed to come along. It was in 3D ... and Italian. At the end of the film we chatted briefly about it and agreed that visually it was stunning and marveled at the technical brilliance behind both the beauty and horror of the images.

Then Marco - who is always, rightly, chastising me for not speaking Italian - asked the big question: So who much of it did you understand? I had to admit that I caught about one-third of the dialogue but then asked him if it really mattered? He agreed that we weren't talking Shakespeare here (okay since it was in Italian we said Pirandello) but that it it was fantasy so it really didn't matter.

When I got home I did a search to see if I could come up with a plot outline that would fill in any of the holes in my comprehension and here's probably the best I could find:

I know this going around the internet faster than a Toruk in flight but it really does pretty much sum it all up.

Having said that I'll probably try and see it again next week with Laurent - this time in English to see if I really did miss anything? And besides it is gorgeous to look at!

Note: Marco tells me his brother said exactly the same thing: Disney's Pocahontas and my friend Dora refers to it as Dances with Wolves in Space. But we all agree - its wonderful to watch!

24 gennaio - San Francesco di Sales



I'm waiting for it go to the cheap seats theaters...everyone that has seen it raves about it..but all say the story line is lame..

evilganome said...

I agree with your assessment. However, I have to admit, I will probably see it again. It really is gorgeous and meant to be seen on the big screen.

sageweb said...

I have seen it twice..yes it is the same Hollywood story but it was done beautifully.