Monday, January 18, 2010

Lunedi Lunacy

The story behind this sketch is almost as funny as the sketch itself. Apparently it is a cult favorite in German and Scandinavia. I only recall reading about it being performed by Hermoine Gingold and Billy DeWolfe in a Broadway show back in the 1950s.

Though they had respectable careers neither Freddie Frinton nor May Warden were well know in Britain but they are cult figures in Northern Europe. It's odd that something so quintessentially English should cut through the boundaries and hit those Nordic funny bones!

Many thanks to my friend Yannis for rebringing this to my attention.

18 gennaio - Santa Margherita d'Ungheria

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Elizabeth said...

Yes, it does seem so purely English. It's interesting what crosses cultural boundaries and what doesn't (e.g. Jerry Lewis and the French).


i love it no matter where its from