Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Martidi Musciale

A bit early with the music for the week but tomorrow is July 1st and that demands special music. Hands up everyone who wanted to be on American Bandstand - actually maybe it would be better to say: Hands up anyone who even remembers American Bandstand! I can put my hand up for both - but then I'm old. Apparently Shirley Ellis was more than a one hit wonder but it was the "The Name Game Song" that she is best remembered for.

Which brings up the subject of names. My friend Cathy was wondering where people got the various names they leave comments under. Well Uncle Pervy was the easiest to explain: a few years back one of my oldest friends, Blake, agreed to look after Reesie for a month while I was in Vietnam. When he first came into the house and approached the Reeserman, he was greeted with a look that pretty much said: who is this pervert and why is he touching me? Reese was good with that sort of look. Ever after Blake was known as Uncle Pervy. And Reesie became very attached to his Uncle Pervy.

She also questioned where I got the title for my blog. I only wish I could claim credit for the witty play on words but that was a nickname given to me years ago by my colleague Sue at Air Canada. She had a dry wit, a sharp sense of humour and a nickname for everyone.

So where did your comment nickname, blog title or nom d'internet come from?

30 giugno - Protomartiri della chiesa di Roma


sageweb said...

Love this song!

My name came from my email, that I got when AOL was brand new and the girl sitting next to me (as I was signing up) was pregnant with a boy named Sage, and my dog at the time was Weber..Sageweb...Sage is 14 or 15 now, and weber is in dog heaven.

Sling said...

I remember American Bandstand all the way back when Dick Clark looked,..well,..pretty much like he looks today.
I got my Nick 'Slingshot' from when I was a bartender,slingin' shots..That naturally got shortened to Sling in the chat rooms,which I adopted for my blog.

Doralong said...

But you know the story Wills :)


i miss bandstand..i can remember racing home from school to watch it and learn all the dance moves...
when i starting blogging i knew i wanted to express in my title who i am..and i am a yellowdog democrat(means we'd vote for a yellowdog if he ran on the democratic ticket)..and im a granny...so..yellowdog granny...i almost used my old nickname TACKY JACKY... but i thought people would figure that out after a few posts..ha