Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Pope's Tile Store

Every so often I get a chance to visit something here in Roma that is not accessible to the populus generalus: the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel after hours with a small group; the Headquarters of the Knights of Malta; a long buried Mithraeum; the monastery garden at St Croece; the Scavi under St Peter's; and just last week the Mosaic Factory in the Vatican City.

Not to make it sound too exclusive, these sort of special visits are available for everyone, it just takes some fore thought, some planning and a bit of knowing how to arrange it.

Next on the list - this coming Friday a visit to the Vatican Gardens with our friend Cathy.

Interesting note: One of the major tasks the Vatican Mosaic Factory faces on a monthly basis is replacing tiles in the dome of the Basilica. While up there many tourists have a habit of chipping off pieces to take home as souvenirs.

20 giugno - Sant'Ettore



every since i downloaded the new ie8 nothing works..cant see the picture watch

Anonymous said...

Interesting - you are a great orator.

Sling said...

Hey!..Thanks for the tour!
What kind of jerks steal pieces of mosaic anyway?

more cowbell said...

Wow that was great, very interesting. The pope had everything. They should mosaic the pope-mobile.

Doralong said...

wow- that's way classier than schlepping to Home Depot!!

sageweb said...

Very cool! You should do this more ofter. I love being able going on tour with you while I sit at my desk.