Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Happy Birthday Canada!

I fondly remember the days when CBC signed off each morning with this video.

Despite what our current crop of politicians - and I exempt no party - have done to diminish my country I am proud to be a Canadian. Proud of the rights and freedoms that I enjoy, proud of the work done abroad by our military, proud of the rich and varied heritage that makes up my country. Though today I will celebrating in another land I will none the less be celebrating My Home and My Native Land.

And here's one of my favorite version of our national anthem - unfortunately only in English.

Happy Canada Day et bonne fête to all my friends back home and throughout the world.

01 July - Canada Day


flipstinger said...

...and the same greeting to you as well caro! It looks like it's going to be a good weather day for celebration here in the West Coast. Will there be an organized outing by the Canadian gang there in Roma?


Sling said...

North Americans ROCK!
Happy Canada Day my friend!

Blake said...

Happy Canada Day to you and Laurent. Thanks for reminding me to be a proud Canadian. Love the videos. I had forgotten the CBC closing video which I always liked. Now that I am older I am usually not awake to see the final video. Uncle Pervy. PS. Eagerly awaiting the next GPV or GPP!

sageweb said...

Yay for Canada!

Doralong said...

A very happy day to my favorite Canadian!!!


happy canderian day..and many more.