Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hey Devin! Welcome to the World!

The newest member of our family of friends arrived on June 10th at 6:10 pm. Devin Ognjen weighed in at 3 kilos and 150 grams and 51 cm tall. Marija is doing just fine and Darryl is already trying to show the kid how to grill the perfect hamburger. And big brother Tyler Vuk has sung him his first lullaby - in Serbian.

The hospital photographer was trying to convince Darryl that it would be better for him to take the photos - more professional, better equipment yada yada yada! Myself I like Papa Fidelak's photos. It takes a new dad to capture the moment!

Tyler Vuk isn't too sure about this new brother thing - he's awfully small!

But he is awfully cute and he seems fairly impressed with his big brother.

However there obviously came a time when Devin Ognjen had it with the paparazzi. No more photos! Devin Ognjen has left the building. (That's Grandma helping protect him from the press.)

14 guigno - Sant'Eliseo


Doralong said...

Welcome to the world little person- peace, health and all good blessings for you and yours.

Sling said...

Welcome young Master Devin!


i love that first picture...reluctant brother..haha..welcome to the world baby boy..

Elizabeth said...

What a pair of cuties, both baby and brother. And I love the 'hiding his face from the paparazzi' shot!

Anonymous said...

Willym, I've asked you sth but I wrote it in the morning in the comments of May 30th
owing to the relevant subject concerning Muti's work. Have you read my question so as to answer it, please?

sageweb said...

Very adorable.

more cowbell said...

Precious! Wonderful pics. And big brother is something else - beautiful boys. Congrats to your family.