Friday, June 05, 2009

Trieste - Heads or Tails

Where ever you look on buildings in the Centro Storico here in Trieste you'll see heads looking down at your from the lintels of doorways or windows.

I'm sure the first one is meant to be Hercules but not so sure about the second one - except that he's guarding the entrance to the Consulate for the Netherlands.
I shouldn't have been surprised to see poor old bewildered Carlotta and her easily mislead husband Emperor Maximilian looking down at us from a building just off the main square. They lived in Trieste before heading off to Mexico on the advise of and promise of help from two Emperors and a Pope. He ended up being shot and poor Carlotta went mad and was confined to a palace in Brussels - which would drive anyone mad if they weren't already.

So much for the heads and as for the tails? Well I want someone to tell me where the creator of this World War I war memorial got his models? Cause those are some tails!
Talk about homo-erotic art!

05 giugno - San Bonifacio vescovo


sageweb said...

Very gay statues..I love the head though..I just love all the decorative stuff they use to put on buildings.

evilganome said...

No wonder I'm an art lover!

AMOROMA said...

Looking at your pictures makes me understand why I always call TAILS with a coin toss!