Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ain't That Peachy

One of the joys of living in Italy - and though I do occasionally complain there are more than enough joys to make up for the problems and pitfalls - is that fruit and vegetables are still pretty much sold in season. Oh sure we get the Chiquita bananas from god-only-knows-where and the Turkish figs in October but still much of the produce is local and in season. Italian figs have just appeared on the market and peaches, which my Sri Lankan fruttivendelo (greengrocer) assures me are Italian, are showing up.

I had never seen those little squash shaped peaches before but a quick Googling revealed that they are called Pan Tao or Peen To. Apparently they are also being marketed as Donut peaches because you can push the pit out leaving a donut shape. Whatever they are called they are delicious - white fleshed, sweet and soft without being mushy. And the skin is almost fuzzless - sorry but peach fuzz gives me the shivers.

I am thinking they are the perfect candidate for the simplest of Italian deserts - peaches soaked in wine. Just the thought of it is enough to send me tumbling off the wagon!

23 giugno - Santi Martiri di Nicomedia


sageweb said...

I love them..we call them donut peaches...and I love peach fuzz in my mouth..heh

evilganome said...

I've heard them called Saturn peaches. Or at least that is what they are called in the gardening catalogs I get.

I've never suffered from your aversion to peach fuzz. When perfectly ripe, they are one of my favorite fruits.

Sling said...

I've never heard of them,but I love peaches,fuzz and all.
..and I say that in reference to the actual fruit,..although Sage makes an excellent point.


i love all fruit..oh shit that reminds me i have a watermellon in the truck..