Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mercoledi Musicale

Stephen Sondheim’s Company became a bit of a cult hit in the 1970 when it premiered in New York. It was progressive, it was edgy and it celebrated the free-wheeling culture of the period.

In this excerpt from the recording of the original cast album Bobby, a single guy with married friends, wakes up to find his one-night stand - god did we ever do things like that? - trying to sneak out. She's a flight attendant and has to head to work.

A sleepy Bobby asks: Where you going?
And she answers truthfully:

And that’s where we’ll be come this friday - Barcelona, not the one-night stand!

18 marzo – San Cirillo di Gerusalemme


sageweb said...

Oh I love Barcelona. You are so lucky.

yellowdog granny said...

i always said 'sorry, i have to leave early, i'm donating blood today.'

thanks for the good wishes and prayers for annie..js

Doralong said...

Have a wonderful, wonderful time! Eat lots of tapas for me!! And take loads of pics!