Friday, March 27, 2009

I Object to Your Objection!

I received a rather strange prompt when I finished posting the item below. According to a message from Blogger someone has flagged my blog as containing "Objectionable Material." I started looking over what has been posted in the past week and tried to determined what would someone consider "objectionable!"
  • Little old ladies with dogs?
  • A photo of a very odd advertisement in a store window?
  • An opera singer from the past?
  • A video trailer for a bittersweet documentary on retired performers?
  • A humorous cartoon about exercising with a wine glass?
  • An photo of a strangely named restaurant in Barcelona?
  • A header of a Gaudi rooftop from Barcelona?
  • A ceramic plate commemorating the month of March from Trento?
  • A link to a series of beautiful frescos from the 13th century?
  • A flickering candle in memory of the people I have loved and lost to illness and old age?
  • The picture of me looking decidely portly and middle-aged?
Okay I find that last item objectionable but that's just me. The only think I can think of is that someone looked at that Diesel ad and did not - if they indeed can - read the words that accompany the picture.

Since the flag appeared in the last hour I can only assume that someone in one of the following locations registered their objection:
Now I know that the Milan entry is from my own IP address and the Padova is a regular, as are the Montreal, Murcia and Bothell. If indeed it was someone in Glyn Ellyn, Foley, Houston or an undefined location in the United States who found something here objectionable I would have hoped they would have contacted me first. Because what I find objectionable is the cowardly act of activating a button on a page rather than making their feelings known.

Might I suggest to who ever it is that should you choose to visit my blog again - though why you would come back to an "objectionable" blog gives rise to all sorts of speculation - that you have the option to e-mail me with your concern or simply click the small "x" at the top right of your screen. That is what we call in my part of the world being "educato."

27 marzo - San Ruperto


Sling said...

I think it was probably just a rookie,who accidntally hit 'Flag' instead of 'Next'..I always thought it was a bad idea to have those two options right next to each other.
If it was intentional,then I'm totally jealous.
I wanna piss people off too!

yellowdog granny said...

i'm with sling..if someone should be found objectible it should be my blog..this is the 'most normal' blog i visit..most of the friends i have made are as vulgar as i my dear are a sweetheart..if it's someone in houston i'll go down there and hunt him downd and bip him into a coma..

Bev aka Aisha said...

Maybe they didn't understand the word "gratuitous"... They may be from a place where people don't speak English so good :)

Doralong said...

You my darling are a gentleman and a scholar. I'm sure it was a mistake of some sort or another.

Anonymous said...

I've met more than a few people from Glen Ellyn (a relatively nice little suburb of Chicago, and the site of my first "party 'til dawn" party) so I doubt it were from there. Unless it were someone who recently moved there from Wheaton (Billy Graham country, roughly 20 minute distant).

I also tend to doubt the precision of geolocalization as I surf from Venice (Italy) but often get tagged as being from the Milan or Treviso areas due to (I suspect) ADSL router (hidden routing) stuff. So maybe it was from Wheaton.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Doralong!

more cowbell said...

Oh for crying out loud. If you were flagged, almost of all us should be. Criminy.

I admit to being one of the regulars on the list (although the locator doesn't get the city exactly right), but you know I think you're a perfect gentleman, who would never post crude objectionable content. You're far too clever for that. Any objectional content here is done with sharp wit and risque turn of phrase! Tasteful, not tacky.

Personally, I think it was the plate for March. Who knows what that fellow in the tights and shortpants is up to on that ladder!

flipstinger said...

oh my!....can't believe this. like what the other posters have said - could've been a mistake or just a simple fact that you're too smart and educated to some people's liking. well, too bad for that person dahlin'!

evilganome said...

I hope it was a mistake. However, you can never tell anymore what is going to set some people off.

Elizabeth said...

Well that's just utterly stupid! You are just about the most gentlemanly (by which I mean kind, thoughtful, polite, well spoken, etc, etc.) blogger in the world! Let me at 'em! I'll give them a tag they won't forget! Sheesh!

sageweb said...

wow, you of all people! the one man who brings class to my life.

Tater said...

Glen Ellyn is me my dear man, and I find absolutely nothing about you objectionable. When do you get the new puppies!?!

Willym said...

Dear ALL: well aren't I just all over red at the compliments about being a gentleman. Thank you and thank god you didn't see me in younger and wilder days.

Tater: The puppies come around the 21-22 of April. Just getting the paper work out of the way - yes even for dogs there is bureaucratic paper work here in Italy.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your blog and have found it to be enlightening, funny, daring, educational, soothing, a stress reliever, entertaining, and of course, tasteful to the nth degree.

Thanks so much for all your time and effort!

You're a superstar in the world of sharing!

Diana Keith
Washington, DC