Friday, March 20, 2009

La Festa di San Giuseppe

Yesterday was the Feast of Saint Joseph here in Italy and because he was the "earthly father" of Christ it is also celebrated as Father's Day. This, in a recent turn, in events has become a bit like Father's Day in North American. Ties and socks are bought and presented, often with a home made card as I don't recall seeing Father's Day cards in the stores here - yet.

As a religious holiday it is celebrated more in the South than in Central and Northern Italy. One of the regular writers for Italian Notebook posted this item on celebrations in Sicily. Of course being Italy there is a traditional pastry associated with the Feast Day. Zeppole di San Giuseppe are large balls of sweet choux pastry, fried not baked, and filled with custard or canolli cream. Though there does seem to a heated discussion as to what it the correct filling to honour the Saint. My friend Marco tells me that there is only one pastry shop in Roma that makes them the right way - it is, surprise! surprise! - Napolitano.

Often, just to ensure the full calorie level for the day is reached, they are topped with whipped cream and a glaceed cherry. I had one at coffee break yesterday - it was... filling!

19 marzo - Sant'Alessandra di Amiso


flipstinger said...

The pastry looks "YUM" but also looks VERY richissimo! watch the calories Dahlin'!

flipstinger said...
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sageweb said...

Oh I want one so bad right now.

yellowdog granny said...

my friend kevin informed me it was st.josephs' day..
and is the patron saint of we decided to whack someone in his honor.