Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cat Naps

I’ve mentioned before about the feral cats that roam the neighbourhoods of Roma and the ladies who attend to their feeding and care. In our previous area there was the little lady with the limp, more noticeable in the bad weather, who showed up without fail every morning to leave food and water at various locations along the street. At Villa Torlonia there are two ladies who go about refilling plastic bowls and plates for the numerous strays who live in Il Duce’s former residence. On Via Nomentana every morning at 10 the cats wait patiently inside fence of the derelict Villa Blanca for the security guard who unlocks the gate to admit the elderly lady with their daily rations.

Our current neighbourhood is no different. Every morning on the way to work I pass plastic plates – most of them empty indicating that the local “cat lady” has been by earlier to feed her charges. However she – I am assuming it is a she as I have yet to see a “cat gentleman” except at the cat shelters – has gone one step further and built a shelter for those under her care.This rather elaborate structure takes half the sidewalk but has remained in tact, unmolested for the past few months. Given the driving rains and violent storms we’ve had this past few months I’m sure the felines in the neighbourhood have been pleased with this extra bit of caring.

17 marzo - San Patrizio


sageweb said...

How sweet of someone to do that and how sweet of everyone not to knock it over.

yellowdog granny said...

i'm really beginning to like them romans..not crazy about their leader in the dress, but they seem to be fine people

Doralong said...

Nicely symbiotic relationship- the kitties get at least someone to care for and the Nonnas have someone other than their families to fuss over.

Sling said...

You can tell the character of a people,by the way they treat their cats..or something like that.
Happy St. Patrick's day my friend!