Friday, March 13, 2009

And Puppy Dogs' Tails

Anyone of the two - okay maybe four - people who read this blog regularly will remember when there was a Reesie Report . It appeared sometimes once a week and during his last period of illness almost daily. Reesie was our second pup - the first was Bundnie, a smooth haired dwarf dachshund that got us in Cairo in 1991. Reese, much to her disgust, followed three years later when we lived in Chicago. He was a long-haired miniature daschie and, as we discovered much later, deaf. The Cairo Princess and the Midwest Farm Boy - they were as different in character as sunrise and sunset. They both lived to a good old age: our wonderful vet back in Aylmer always said he wanted to be reincarnated as our dog because he knew he'd get nothing but the best. And I guess we did make sure they got the best but then they gave the best so there was no problem.
This shot was taken in Warsaw with my first digital camera - I forget how many pixels it was but it was pretty darned primitive. Bundnie was giving me her famous 'yeah, right!' look.

They both were well-travelled dogs - Cairo, Chicago, Ottawa, Warsaw, Aylmer, Montreal - they had more frequent flyer points than some people I know. Reese made his final journey to Roma with us but he was 14 and the adjustment to a new place was beyond him - he never did like going to far from home. He took ill in October 2007 and when he had a stroke on December 27th that year we decided that we could not let him suffer. If my heart was broken in two when Bundnie had to be put to sleep, it split in four when it came time to say goodbye to Reese. Not that I loved him more just that he was such a sweet, gentle, trusting, little creature and there was an incredible void with both of them gone.

Many people suggested getting another dog - even our Big Boss who is a major dog lover - and "when are you going to get another dog" became a standard question from friends and family. But it wasn't something I could do that easily. The grieving took a long, long time.

So why am I writing this now - well it looks like the time has come. As anyone who has been owned by a daschie will tell you they are addictive as a breed - those little sausage shaped bodies worm their way into your heart. So we began looking for breeders in our area and beyond. It turns out that there was one very close to our friend's Linda and Nazareno in Capena just north of Roma.

The good people at La Casa degli Orsi (The House of the Bears????+) breed wire-haired daschies and Saint Bernards - an interesting contrast. Two of their bitches had litters within the past month and the puppies will be ready to leave their dames by the end of April. So last Saturday we went out to look. The facility was clean but lived in, a home to both the breeders and their animals. There was an obvious affection for the dogs - large and small - and the dames and sires all were healthy, good-looking champions.

However we didn't get a puppy... no we are buggers for punishment... we got two! A female from the first litter and a male from the second. The logic was: its as easy to train two as to train one! I'm not sure how sound that logic is but....

Unfortunately when I went to see them again today I wasn't able to get really good photos but here's what I did get.
The female is the little dark one on the left and the male the reddish colored on the right. And that would be the male in the centre photo. She is a bit on the feisty side, he was very content to fall asleep in the palm of my hand. This is like history repeating itself.

Now comes the hard part - finding names! My darling Dora has suggested Nick and Nora, Laurent has been thinking Pina and Mimmo, I've been pumping for Fred and Ginger, Jack in Beijing has come up with some Chinese appellations, and Yannis gave us a whole raft of snappy Greek names. But we're still looking so if you have any ideas send them to us.
13 marzo - San Salomone


Doralong said...

Awwww, look at the little precious babies!!! Here's the deal, next time you call make sure Laurent is there- I can try and talk him into Nick & Nora. OK, maybe after he watches the movies you ordered he'll come over to my side on this.

I'm so excited for you both! Reesie & Bundie would approve, you've been without puppy love long enough.

Doralong said...

PS- "She is a bit on the feisty side, he was very content to fall asleep in the palm of my hand."

I rest my case...

yellowdog granny said...

i think nick and nora is cute...but forget names..they are sooooo cute..i wanna doggie sooo bad...I want to call it dude.

Life With Dogs said...

Great call in my opinion. We lost two dogs in a short period of time. I was quick to get another, and then another. And one more for good measure.

I find that you can grieve and love simultaneously.

Anonymous said...

Hello Will! Arek said: I remember Bundnie and Reese, when we met in Warsaw together. Reese was very aristocratic, like a prince. Bundnie was always like a little girl, very affected. I really liked that preety puppy dogs.

I (Peter) suggest the name: for male - Reeven, Robi, Jazon. For female - Alma, Kassy, Kaya.

Greetings from PL
Arek and Piotr.

Anonymous said...

They are cute little pups for sure. When do you get to take them home?


evilganome said...

How about Beatrice and Benedict?

Anonymous said...

The puppies made a good choice when choosing their new people!
Romeo and Juliette.

flipstinger said...

hmmm i like Fred and Ginger as in Astaire and Rogers...but you can make the male name a little cuter by making it Freddie or another suggestion...Tootsie and Ginger!

more cowbell said...

Puppies! I'm so happy for you guys -- that's wonderful news! I do indeed remember the Reesie reports. I will give some thought to the names and get check back in. I kind of like Tony's suggestion.

Sling said...

Gorgeous!!..I reccomend proper German names for those two cuties.
Shatzie for the girl,and Wolfgang for the boy.
..I knew you were getting Doxies by the way. :)

Anonymous said...

How about
Hansel & Gretl
Lucy & Desi
Oscar & Myer
Heinz &

I'm getting ridiculous
I like Fred and Ginger


Tater said...

You could always go the route my brother did with his to Dachsies and call them Frank and Beans, but I'm not sure the girl would cotton much to beans. Wills, I am so very happy for you. This post brought a tear to my eye, I must admit. I am so happy you have decided to be adopted by tweo more pups. I wish them luck in their training of you and Laurent. Reesie was a Chicagoan? I should have known...

Tater said...

Sorry, my typing is a bit off tonight.

sageweb said...

Oh so wonderful..I cant think of good names. You can name them after food or wine. Merlot and Chianti.

Anonymous said...

hmm ...

Mork and Mindy?
Laurel and Hardy?
Abbot and Costello?
Joannie and Chachi?
George and Gracie?
Tom and Dick? (Smothers, of course ... )
Cagney and Lacey?
AJ and Rick? (Simon)
Sam and Diane? or Rebecca?
Fraser and Lillith?
Woody and Kelly?
Woody and Buzz?
Woody and Bopeep? or Jessie?
Shrek and Fiona?

should i stop now? i'm running out of suggestions ... :P

Many years of health to the newest spoiled puppies of william and laurent!

David Smith
2 dogs

RG said...

Oh! Oh! I know: Jennifer Ann and Mr. Puss.

Blake said...

OMG! I guess these additions to the family brings an end to travelling in the short term. Two means they will keep each other company when you are away. I will not add to the list of suggested names as I know whatever they are called they will be loved beyond belief. I must say I shed a tear when I saw the pictures of Bundie and particularly Reesie. The Reeser will always have a special place in my heart having babysat him for a month. Congratulations I am so happy for you both.

SubtleKnife said...

It's obvious. She looks exactly like a Fred should. And he's Ginger.

Carla said...

Cute or what?
My vote goes to Samson and Delilah.