Saturday, March 14, 2009

Gratuitous Puppy Pictures

Like there could ever be such a thing!!!!

Though the puppy shots didn't turn out yesterday I did manage to get some good shots of the dames and sires of our new kids.
These are the young lad's parents: Giverny and Monet. Giverny was most upset that I had handled her little guy - she checked him over to make sure everything was still there, licked him clean and then he headed straight for a teat. Yes I know Jacque - typical male!
And this would be our feisty girl's dame and sire: Lucie and Camillo. Lucie's a real suck and love to be snuggled even if it means interrupting feeding time. Camillo's a fireball and a champion working dog to boot.
This big boy just wants to be a lap dog. When he rolled over on his back I was too busy to take a photo. When something that size says Rub my tummy - you rub! And the ones not asking for a tummy rub are my dear Linda and Nazareno.
This smooth-haired daschie is just days away from giving birth to a litter of 8 pups. The belly may have been dragging but she still wanted to play ball.

I still can't get over the fact that they bred St Bernards and dwarf daschies. But these two seem not to have a problem with it, so why should I?

14 marzo - Santa Matilde di Ringelheim


Doralong said...

I so love the big dogs! But it's nice to see the children come from a nice respectable family!

Can I send mine over for summer vacation?

Anonymous said...

What is the name of the dog underneath the St. Bernard in your last picture?


evilganome said...

What great looking dogs. I have a feeling as to which dogs are the alpha's. And it ain't the St. Bernards.

Willym said...

Dora: Sure thing, provided you come with them.

CP: I forget her name but she is going to have her first litter in a month or so. She was a shy little thing but loved being cuddled.

EG: You are so right there. The daschies rule the house.

yellowdog granny said...

ohhhh, doggies..
they are soo cute...
i love the st. bernards..when are you bringing the baby's home.?

Tater said...

The Sire and Dame are beautiful. I can't wait for future pictures and reports! Once again, I am so happy for you. Yay!

AMOROMA said...

Congratulations to the new adoptive parents! When will you be receiving visitors to see them?

Willym said...

The pups are still too young to leave their mothers - he's 3 weeks old and she's 3 1/2. So we should get them when Laurent gets back from Montreal around the 25th of April. Then the fun begins.

sageweb said...

Oh they are all I wanna see the puppies...when I was reading this near the end I thought the st bernard and the daschunds were breeding with each other..that would make a cool puppy.

Elizabeth said...

Puppies! Puppies! Puppies! I love Puppies!!! I become completely inarticulate when it comes to puppies and babies.