Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Weekly GPP*

And did you honestly think that just because we have headed out on vacation there wouldn’t be a gratuitous puppy item this week?

Our Nora tends to get these soulful looks - as feisty as she appeared when I first saw her. She seems the more social of the two and loves to be cuddled.

On Tuesday morning Laurent took the kids back to the Casa di Orsi, where they were born - no we are not returning Nicky and Nora, the people there also operate a complete boarding service. When he arrived Signora Tiziana had their mothers waiting and strangely they both immediately ran to their respective dames! Laurent was a bit surprised but Emmanuela, who is looking after them, said that is not unusual as the scent is still familiar.

Our Nicky is turning into a little bugger - constantly bothering Nora and wanting to fight with her. He only wants to be cuddled when he wants it ... that is one hell of a look of defiance.

And surprise, surprise Nicky tried to play smart Alick with his mother. But Giverny was having none of that puppy play, for his pains he got a nip and a shake and suddenly became all subservient. As we are discovering he is the trouble maker in the household and is going to require a firm hand - or maybe a nip and a shake.

*Gratuitous Puppy Pictures

28 maggio - San Just


Doralong said...

Of course they knew who their Mammas were silly. I expect Miss Nora will become quite adept at putting him in his place.

evilganome said...

Awwww..... They really are cute. I am sure that by the time that you and Laurent are back in Rome, you will both be in desperate need of a puppy fix.

sageweb said...

How adorable...those little boys are always the trouble makers. I want to squeeze both of them.

Anonymous said...

These photos might just get me through the week. They are sweet!
HOpe you are having fun.

yellowdog granny said...

oh they just keep getting cuter and cuter..and nora does have a more'girly' face than nick..ha

Sling said...

See!..This what I love about Wirehaired Daschies.
They have that 'Kaiser Wilhelm' thing goin' on.
Boy..Those were the days.

Elizabeth said...

Two words: Puppy Love!

And I hope that if you do nip little Nickie, Laurent will catch on video and we'll get to see it. I bet he'd be one surprised little pup!

Blake said...

Hurrah for the GPP's. I think I will survive until you get home. Uncle Pervy

more cowbell said...

Aww, I bet the mommies were glad to see them. At least they didn't bring dirty laundry back with them.