Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bloody! Caesar! II!

I was a bit surprised when two e-mails popped up yesterday about my Bloody Caesar post: one from Ed Lee from Mott’s Clamato’s PR agency and the other from Bryan Feheley telling me about Calgary's "Caesar Day."

According to an article in the Calgary Herald the Caesar is almost unknown outside Canada. I guess back in the days when I favoured hard liquor - before I moved Biblically backwards from wine to water - I only order them in Canadian bars or served them at home. Ed tells me he has hundreds of Caesar variations which he would be more than happy to share. I think I'll take him up on it, just in case my doctor changes his mind.

Both e-mails advised me of a campaign to name the Bloody Caesar Canada's official cocktail. Voting is open to residences of Canada - okay official I'm in Italy but I have a Canadian mailing address and god knows I pay Canadian taxes - and I urge all my Canadian friends to sign the petition. After all we need something more than poutine and beaver tails to call our own! Eh?

14 maggio - San Mattia apostolo


Doralong said...

Well they do have you too, you're a national treasure after all...

yellowdog granny said...

gee, wonder if i can get my friends billy pilgrim and roxanne to vote for it..they are 'canaderians'.

Bev aka Aisha said...

did you know that the little blogger line at the top of the page changes script depending on what country you're in? I'm in Bangladesh and it certainly looks a bit strange at the moment. I was trying to figure out what you had put there, only to realize that it was completely beyond anyone's control :)

PS. Let's not forget blueberry pie and maple syrup.

Jacques said...

Can you find clam juice in Italy?
What is it called - "succo di vongole"? "cozze liquide"? I don't believe I've ever actually seen it around here, even if it would seem to be the most natural thing at the fish market, were it to actually exist.

Sounds so much like a 70's marketing tool.

All the better if it actually worked, I suppose. One of those V8 success stories that took things that already existed and made them popular beyond otherwise "veggie" limitations?

AMOROMA said...

I have never had a Bloody Caesar.. when are your serving?