Saturday, February 14, 2009

San Valentino myspace graphic comments

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not against romance or being romantic - it's just I don't understand what chocolate and gaudy red - sorry Dora - cards have to do with proving your love someone. And frankly the legend or rather legends of San Valentino don't do it for me. Nothing there to get all warm and cuddly or hot and horny about them - mostly martyrdom and gruesome tortures as this article from the Onion attests. Well maybe there is some connection but come on guys its tenuous and only if your relationship is a bit off beat.

And we are told, by the Italians, that the Italians are the most romantic people in the world - though the French would dispute that hotly - but strangely a group of Italians came up with the concept of a day to celebrate being single. My friend Michelle lets us in on the details on February the 15th - the Feast of San Faustino, Patron Saint of Singles.

In the meantime I think I'll just celebrate Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius - they're the Patron Saints of Europe. Now that's pretty romantic.

14 febbraio - Santi Cirillo e Metodio


AMOROMA said...

Today is a good day to visit the Basilica of San Clemente here in Rome. Cyril and Methodius are buried there. There are usually good looking young Slavic pilgrims at the tomb.

Doralong said...

Gaudy cards come in all colors- the co-opted it without my permission.

flipstinger said...

you are BRILL! i can't stop laughing at the reality of what you just wrote....

chocs and red roses are just plain cheesy for me! let's just say they won't cut it. a guy better do something more than that to win my heart....hehehe. aint i a tough cookie?! =)

evilganome said...

For me February 14 is National "I ain't gettin' any" day. Maybe I'll buy myself some overpriced chocolates and take myself out to a romantic dinner for one!

Honestly, seeing what others go through, it makes me happy I'm single.

more cowbell said...

Valentine's Day is the day before my ex-anniversary. Strike one. Sappy cheesy marketing for expensive useless shit, strike two. Trying to make people feel guilty for not buying in, strike three. Teddy Bears in t-shirts holding a stuffed heart with a corny saying, inning over.

There is the whole dark chocolate thing, but you can get that any time, so it's a moot point.