Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Mercoledi Musicale

We just have to reconcile ourselves that this is Neapolitan week here. What better way to feature my second favorite city in Italy then with its music. And if its going to be Neapolitan music than who better than Marco Beasley and Guido Morini of Accordone to sing it.

Tomorrow? No, tonight I will away!
Not far, only I can't bear it here any longer:
So speaks one all alone at sea,
to the ever-constant... deep-blue sea!

The monastery of St. Clara
is anchored in my heart,
yet why do my thoughts every evening
return to Naples, how it was before,
to Naples, how it is now?
The fontanelle of Capodimonte...
it breaks my heart
to hear the city's in trouble,
but what's the trouble,
but what's the reason?
No, it's not true!
No, I don't believe it...
but die in longing for Naples...

M. Galdieri/A. Barberis

04 fabbraio - San Giovanni de Britto

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sageweb said...

Is Neapolitan where they got the name for the ice cream?