Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Loss of Focus

Yesterday was spent visiting the town of Orvieto, about an hour and half drive north of Roma. Its a lovely town built on one of the volcanic outcroppings that dot the landscape as you head up the autostade towards Firenze. What makes it different from the others was a miracle in nearby Bolsena in 1263 the effects of which the enterprising Archbishop of Orvieto had transferred to the town. This led to the enlarging of the Cathedral and ultimately in the 15th century the decorating of the Capella di San Brizio by Luca Signorelli. Its considered his masterpiece - and we were lucky, we had the chapel all to ourselves. The grotesques alone would be worth one of those lovely coffee table books.

Understandably photographs are not allowed inside the chapel. However I was able to get a few shots of the glorious facade of the Duomo and its rose window.

And those are probably the last photos I'll take with this trusty little Canon PowerShot that I've been trudling around Europe since our arrival.
About 30 seconds after I took these it went crashing to the cobblestones and though you can't quite see it in this photo (taken with my very old Kodak digital) the retractable lens was pushed out of alignment. No amount of gentle coaxing can get it back into place. I'm going to try and find a repair shop but given how these things are put together I'm not hopeful.

17 febbraio - Santi Sette Fondatori dell'Ordine dei Servi della Beata Vergine Maria whew!


sageweb said...

Well that little camera hqas taken some beautiful shots and if any thing...the little guy ended on a wonderful note.

Anonymous said...

OMG - that is breath takining!
Hope you get your cameral fixed or find a replacment soon!
Your photos are awesome.

Doralong said...

I'm so sorry! But get thee to the shop pronto! Perhaps Laurent can pick a new one up cheap on his way home?

Elizabeth said...

Awww... And on top of everything else! Boo. Now you're going to have to take it to the camera doctor and all s/he will say is "il fegato è normale."

evilganome said...

Well at least this time it's just the camera and not you that is winding up at the doctors in Laurent's absence. I am very sorry to hear about your camera though and hope that it is fixable or that you are able to get a new camera soon. I'm a fan of your photos too.

flipstinger said...

well think of it as an excuse to buy a new one...hint it to your beloved!

AMOROMA said...

I cannot imagine better pictures to culminate a camera's life! I will be in Orvieto next month for a weekend. I love the place. You are transported to a different world on that hilltop!

Sling said...

Just beautiful Willym!
Maybe a miracle can fix the camera?