Monday, February 02, 2009

Lunedi Lunacy

Johnny Wayne and Frank Shuster were part of anyone in English Canada's radio and television schedule between the 1940s and the 1980's. They were fixtures, like Hockey Night in Canada or Juliette or the Plouffe Family. They were also favorites on the Ed Sullivan Show and appeared 67 times on old Stoneface's variety programme.

Their comedy was literate, often bawdy but never vulgar - and they assumed that their audience was intelligent and if they ever cursed it was only during rehearsals.

This sketch was a perennial - this particular version was made in 1980, long before the days of discount airlines. A bit prophetic I would say.

I enjoy the fact that the first sequence was filmed at my first workplace with the airlines - the long gone Terminal 1 at Toronto International Airport. Hell when I worked there it was the only terminal and airplanes still had propellers and you walked outside to board. I guess you do that now but its called commuter airlines.

02 febbraio - Candelora


yellowdog granny said...

I remember them!..hadn't thought of them in years..they were so funny...great clean humor.came close to the edge, but never went over..loved them

sageweb said...

My favorite thing is the stewardess' die for.

Doralong said...

That was hysterical!

Anonymous said...

Now that's entertainment!