Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Bad Day

Earlier today I posted an item under the same title but after some consideration I felt it was too personal and may have farther reaching consequences than I am prepared to entertain at the moment. So I am republishing it in an altered form simply because I am that hurt and angry that I want to express it:

I don't normally write about deeply personal things but today I'm angry, hurt and resentful. Our very good life here has been shattered by a game. And to the people involved that's all it is - a game. What they perhaps do not realize is that the game they are playing effects the people they are playing it on to the core. Or perhaps they do know and don't really care.

I will not go into the details as they only concern the persons involved. As I said it makes me angry, hurt and resentful and it also makes me incredibly sad because of what it says about people.

Though we still have over two years left in Roma it will never be the same and I question if we will ever truly be happy here again.

12 febbraio - frankly I don't care what Saint's Day it i


Doralong said...

I am so, so sorry honey! I won't start with the Pollyanna pep talk, but if you want to talk some more you know where to find me.

But it may well work out the right way in the end you know, really. Give Laurent a huge hug for me, and an even larger one for yourself!

sageweb said...

Do you guys need a dyke to come over there and whip some people into shape.

Hope things get better and big hugs for both of you.

evilganome said...

This sounds very unpleasant. I am sorry to hear that things in Rome have taken such a bad turn.

I will be looking for you online if you need to vent about this.


Anonymous said...


Sling said...

Dude,..if you need a straight guy to come over there and kick some ass,I'll be on the next plane with Sage!
..Screw 'em.
I may not know what it's like to be in your shoes,but I do know what it is to be subject to the whims of prejudice.
It really is the last bastion of feeble minds,and bankrupt character...That is,in the end,a loss suffered by those that practice it.