Friday, February 13, 2009

Devole Me Darwin Baby!

Well it looks like I missed Charles Darwin's birthday by a day - if only he had a facebook profile I would have remembered. The great man - and despite the tongue in cheek introduction he was a great man - was born on February 12, 1809. Thus Thursday marked the 200th anniversary of his birth. As sort of a belated Happy Birthday I decided to put his theory to the test and following my friend RG's lead - I told you I was a follower - had myself devolved. It's not a pretty sight but then the original wasn't that much to work with.

A click on this fine looking quartet - sort of an early Osmond Brothers - will give you a taste of Willym over four periods of prehistoric times. Myself I prefer - and the first person that snickers will get bopped on the head with a club and left for dinosaur feed - Homo erectus. Tony, RG I mean one snicker and I'll lift this club and boy will you get it!

13 febbraio - San Benigno di Todi


sageweb said...

Very cool..very hairy

Doralong said...

*whistles and walks away*

RG said...

Snicker - go ahead and bop me on the head with your big club and drag me to your cave!