Friday, February 06, 2009

Cats Amongst the Cloisters

I'm working on a slide show of the Cloister of Santa Chiara with its beautiful garden of majolica ceramic but I found this bench in the centre of the garden particularly delightful.

Every place you go in Italy you are confronted by stray cats, as I've posted often there are cat sanctuaries in almost every major city. And every neighbourhood has it's "cat lady," or even ladies, who leave out food and water for the strays in the area.

Well it appears this is nothing new - and what under the sun ever is? Back in 1739 a tile maker working on the adornments for the Cloister garden took inspiration from what he saw around him. This is one of the few benches in the garden that reflects convent life.I love how the unknown artist has capture a bit of a feeding frenzy in the felines as they head towards, what is obviously, their source of daily goodies.That one cat in the middle looks like he may have been in a few battles in the neighbourhood. They all look very well fed and is it me or do a few look more like rats than cats?

06 febbraio - San Paolo Miki


Doralong said...

You're right, they do look rather more rodent than feline.

sageweb said...

they do look like rats...the one standing is sorta strange too.