Friday, January 30, 2009

Napoli Bound

We're heading down to Napoli for the weekend - only 1 hr and 21 minutes from Roma on the high speed. It will be a few days of opera (Peter Grimes at San Carlo), museum visiting (Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli)), sight seeing (Palazzo Reale and Herculaneum) and eating (Ciro a Santa Brigida if we can get got a reservation.)

And to celebrate, here (from Love Me Forever in 1937) is the great American soprano Grace Moore singing what is arguably the most famous Neapolitan song of all time: Funiculì, Funiculà.

I've been told that Miss Moore's Neapolitan dialect is pretty darned authentic, but not as authentic as the Linguine all'aragosta at Ciro's.

Buon weekend a tutti! a lunedi!

30 gennaio - Santa Savina


Doralong said...

Have a wonderful, fun filled weekend! You two need a break! Just don't forget to take lots of pictures!

sageweb said...

Have a great time. I wish I could tag along..but that wouldnt be very romantic.

Sling said...

Great song Will!..
Have fun in Napoli.
Neapolitan ice cream is my favorite! ;)

yellowdog granny said...

i would wish you a great time but im to busy being green with envy...sigh*...
oh kay....have a good time...sheesh..