Thursday, January 29, 2009

Get Your .. Undies in a Row, Mister!

We've always been very lucky with housekeepers in our travels. Okay there was that episode in Cairo with Ahmed the houseboy and the curtain rods but that's ancient history and then there was Elizabeth in Poland who insisted she drank vodka to counteract the poison her son-in-law was slipping into her tea. But every place else we've always been looked after by some remarkable people. In Mexico City there was Manuela, who when Laurent was sick moved in for two weeks to look after him because I was back in Canada. In Warsaw there was our darling Christina who frankly just moved in - hell the dogs thought they belonged to her. She was almost 6 feet tall, had baboon's ass red hair and ruled our household with an iron fist. In Chicago there was.. oh right we didn't have anyone in Chicago that would have been me!

And here in Roma we have Eileen, a wonderful young lady from the Philippines. She's married to an Italian and they are building a house in his home town of Siracusa. I take it for granted these days that when she leaves at the end of the day the house will be spotless and shirts will be hanging neatly in a row, beautifully pressed. Everything will be in perfect order.

However I must admit I wasn't quite ready for how orderly things would be when I took a load of whities out of the dryer last night and threw them on the spare bed.
I'm not sure but I think she may have ironed them.

Okay I just realized I have now blogged about toilets and underwear... I may have to rethink the direction this blog is taking!

29 gennaio - San Valerio


evilganome said...

Oh my! The military line up of undies is pretty impressive.

Housekeepers! In my dreams. Lucky you!

Doralong said...

My fondest fantasy- OK it ties with the one involving Antonio and Johnny, but way way up there!

sageweb said...

My housekeeper use to put my clothes up, until she discovered my sock drawer doubles as a sex toy drawer. Now she leaves my socks on my bed for me to put up.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad she didn't starch them!!

Elizabeth said...

That made me laugh! Which I needed today, so thanks for sharing the pic of your tighty whities mustered up and ready for battle!

Bev aka Aisha said...

I'm just glad to have a housekeeper who is not afraid of the pups (actually likes them), and cleans (kind of). She washes clothes but has no concept of how the iron works. I think she uses it when the generator is not on... I don't have tightie whities, but if I did a housekeeper like yours would be the answer!

RG said...

Can I borrow her? I play her airfare to the US.

Todd HellsKitchen said...