Monday, January 12, 2009

Lunedi Lunacy

Though I don't get all the jokes - at times its even too British for me - but I love Victoria Wood and Julie Walters.

Some of this sounds familiar - except the tart, of course.

They have my vote!

12 gennaio - San Bernardo da Corleone


evilganome said...

I loved the Mayflower Hotel sketch. It sounds like most of my customer service experiences. "because the Mayflower Hotel couldn't really give a toss".

You brightened my morning with these, I'll have to look out for these 2.

sageweb said...

I liked the mayflower hotel one too. I love how they don't give a crap. very funny.

BigAssBelle said...

Makes me wish I had a couple of kooky broads to hang around with. More importantly, though, I love that cabinet behind them. Is that tiger maple? Gorgeous.