Friday, January 23, 2009

Cat Amongst the Angels

Last Saturday was the first full day of sunshine we had since all week so, morning marketing done, Laurent and I decided to explore our neighbourhood.

The main cemetery for the city, Cimitero del Verano, is located a 10 minute walk along Viale Regina Margherita from our place; so we decided to hike down to Piazza San Lorenzo and give a look see. I have mentioned in the past that we both enjoy visiting cemeteries - when I said this to an Italian friend he thought it was morbid in the extreme. But we find it a great chance to explore another part of our adopted city's history.

Like any cemetery Campo Verano has its share of kitschy monuments and this reclining angel must be amongst the kitschiest.
And being a Roman cemetery it also has to have cats - and if this sleek and well fed feline is anything to go by there must be a cat lady or ladies who feed and look after them regularly.At first she approached us with great interest but when there was no food forthcoming decided we were best ignored.Though her disdain for the treatless humans was nothing compared to her opinion of that angel.And I tend to agree with her.

23 gennaio - Sant'Emerenziana


yellowdog granny said...

i love the fact that it's not just a's a big ole fat cat..ha

Sling said...

Hmmm...I find it odd that your Italian friend thought that visiting cemetaries was morbid.
Even the most humble ones are wonderful sources of art,and history.

Anonymous said...

It must be a masculine cat, assuming from his big head.He looks so healthy and with silky fur! Did you caress him? Because I would.
Willy, have you visited Napoli and
Muti's neighbourhood in Chiaia?
A report from there would be very interesting, especially about Il conservatorio San Pietro a Majella and then from Jesi, Pergolesi's birthplace.

Jeff said...

What a regal cat- certainly the grandest presence in the cemetery.

Elizabeth said...

In the city, cemeteries are such wonderful oases of calm. And a great place to put things in perspective!

Love that cat, stalking around as if he owns the place. Here, the cemeteries are overrun by deer and, like that cat, they expect to be fed! Which would be cute if they weren't HUGE, and in packs. I had to retreat to my car recently, until they gave up and left.

SubtleKnife said...

I walked into one of my favourite bars yesterday and their cat, who had been looking out the door before I entered, jumped up on the stool I was about to sit on, presenting her head and back to be scratched.

(I think I may be spending too much time there if she recognises me...)