Thursday, January 08, 2009

And I Miss .....?

Canadian Winters?

Well given the sort of winter they've been having right across the country I'd have to say: NO!

My friend Kev is spending a few months back home on the West Coast and as he was wandering around Lost Lagoon in Vancouver's west end yesterday, he took this shot with his IPhone.
Danger Thin Ice
I hope Vancouverites, who are not use to the ice and snow, see the humour in it all?

08 gennaio - San Lorenzo Giustiniani


Anonymous said...

I was going to take a photo of my snow covered car and plowed in drive to ask if you miss home?

Bev aka Aisha said...

Kev does take great pics... I love this one.

Elizabeth said...

Hey, well I see the humor in it, even if they don't! Makes my bout of the winter uglies look mild.

BigAssBelle said...

the cold is unbearable this year and we're only zone 7. i can't imagine the zones 2,3,4 folks. or even 5 or 6.

Bev aka Aisha said...

Can BigAssBelle tell me what zone Kabul is? It makes me cold thinking about it.