Friday, December 05, 2008

Christmasy Things II

Christmas is definitely in the air here in Rome - I say here in Rome but I'm writing this a few thousand feet in the air on our way from Roma to Monaco di Baverie (Munich). The weather has been chilly and since the first dip in the temperature Romans have been wearing their parkas, scarfs and gloves . You can tell the tourists right off the mark - they're the ones in shorts and cotton tops being stared at incredulously by the bundled up populace. I've found that this year - unlike last - the cold is getting to me too and I'm bundling up like an native. Either I'm adapting or just getting old. I, of course, am firmly believing the first.

The chestnut sellers are on the street corners, flower stands, balconies and gardens are blooming with the scarlet, mauve and white of cyclamens (the winter annual of choice here), every day more and more shop windows are displaying their Christmas glory and the prescepe (crèche) figures are appearing in stalls throughout town.
Coked out ChristThis particularly bizarre looking baby Jesus was in a shop window in the Corso area. Is it just me or does he look just a bit coked out? Mind you if my mother decked me out in that outfit I wouldn't be too pleased either. And that cow looks like its cud has something other than oats in it. The stalls at the Christmas Market in Piazza Navona have the biggest selection of figurines and accoutrement for your nativity scene. Everything from hay mounds to gutted fish is available to give your prescepe that authentic look. Though its tempting to start collecting I think we'll stay with our simpler Polish creche

In fact we should be putting a hold on buying any more Christmas decorations. Having said that where are we heading? Why Munich, of course. And what's there? Well several of the biggest Christmas markets in Europe. But I promise we won't be buying anything. Honest! I promise!

05 dicembre - Beato Guido Maria Confort


sageweb said...

That is a bizarre Jesus and Cow..I cant wait to hear about Munich and to see pictures.

Tater said...

Baby Jesus looks all rocked on oxycontin. I hope you keep posting more pictures of Christmas-y Italy; they fuel my imagination for a trip next winter.

more cowbell said...

Oh no you did not just say Baby Jesus looks coked out.

You're such a heathen, Willym.

Sling one back at the Hofbrau Haus for me.