Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmasy Things - Munich Kristkindlmarkt I

Our weekend in Munich confirmed in my mind, though Laurent said that he never had any doubt, that I am Anglo-Saxon through and through. Being surrounded by the familiar things of Christmas and yes that slightly damp cold that precedes a forecasted snow fall made me realized that as much as I love Italian Opera I don't want to live it 24 hours a day. My character is too Northern.

This would explain why I have always felt at ease in Germany - Berlin (both pre and post Wall) Leipzig, Dresden, Nuremburg, Koln and Munich - though I dare anyone to feel comfortable in Frankfurt. And that is a trifle odd given that in the early years of my life Germany was still the enemy and we all knew that they were a dour, heel-clicking, humourless people. But I recall on my first visit to Munich, back in the 1970s, having that stereotype smashed very quickly. I remember a hysterical afternoon at the nude beach on the ... anyway I digress, greatly! Let's just say that Germans know how to have fun and our weekend was proof.

Here's a few clips of our first day in Munich.

When we went into the Dom the children's choir was practicing for an Advent choral evening. Again the music reminded me that, at least where church music is concered, my taste runs to the English and German. There is no sound quite like an English or German choir backed by a proper pipe organ. The next clip is at the Kristkindlmarkt I enjoyed the most in Riderplatz. As well as everything you could want for your home nativity scene they had the best rotwurst and Christmas beer as well as a fire to warm up by on a drizzly cold day. And finally the mechanical Glokenspeil at the Marienplatz - Teutonic knights do battle and the happy Bavarians dance in victory afterwards - and they've been doing it for a century or two. Like I said they know how to have fun.

I really should get a video camera so I can do decent close ups etc. Santa Claus are you listening?

16 dicembre - Santa Albina


Doralong said...

I do hope Santa gets you that video camera! More vicarious travel for me!

sageweb said...

Well you did some great videographing for the tool you have. very nice.