Monday, September 08, 2008


Well I'll be damned - well yes according to a few people I am but let's not go into that - the world is finally recognizing me. Two weeks ago it was a kindly wag in Pesaro and now this:

A Place of my Own
My friend Jack sent this along from one of his Beijing photo jaunts. I was hoping it was a trendy gay bar or clothing store but he tells me he thinks its just another chain restaurant it's a gym. Sounds right to me.

Sic Transit Recognition!

08 settembre - La Natività della Beata Vergine Maria


Doralong said...

I'm sure it's a very nice, gay friendly chain though!!

sageweb said...

ha, that is cool I found a sign the other day that said sage community center...I was so excited.

Sailor said...

Hi Captain,

I just got to know this is a Gym. Isn't it something you expected?


Elizabeth said...

Well, clearly, the entire world is yours! And how lovely that they speak "Wall Street English" there. On second thought, Wall Street's in the toilet, so maybe you don't want to chat much with these people. Or take any wooden nickels from them.

Bev said...

Although the Toomer name doesn't go too far, there are these hills in California...


Beverly ;)

Sling said...

It's about time you got the worldwide recognition you deserve!