Sunday, September 14, 2008

Abbracci a Tutti*

Just a quick post - I'm still working on the second part of this week's hospital adventure but its hard to describe a few days in an Italian hospital without slipping into Lewis Carroll mode.

Just want to say thank you and tons of baci to all my friends from "away" who sent comments and e-mails. And big hugs to my friends here in Roma who called, visited, fetched and carried. I'd start mentioning names but I'd forget someone and then noses would be out of joint which would mean another trip to the hospital. By the way how exactly does a nose go out of joint?

First the reassurance that everything is okay - it was a stress attack coupled with a hiatus hernia I've had for years. The combination of the two has the same symptoms as a heart attack. It has happened before, its just that this time it happened in Roma and they treat things differently here. I've never had care like it! And that's meant in a good way.

As I mentioned poor Laurent was in Albania for work when it all happened but he was kept in the loop by friends and colleagues here in Roma. I know he was extremely worried but there was no point in dragging him back here. And crisis at a distance is not an new experience for us. Of course, he's total convinced that it was missing him that brought it all on and we'll just let him continue thinking that.

Alice and the CaterpillerNow back to describing wonderland:

Il dottore and Will looked at each other for some time in silence: at last il Dottore took the stethoscope out of his pocket, examined his ferragosto tan in the reflection and addressed him in a sleepy, languid voice.

'Chi sono lei?' said il Dottore.

'Scusi, ma non parlo...'

*Hugs to Everyone

14 settembre - Esaltazione della Santa Croce

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sageweb said...

Well I hope you are taking care of yourself and keeping your spirits high.