Saturday, September 27, 2008

And These Would Be??????

The things you uncover when you move. I forgot that Laurent had bought these little guys in Beijing - one for him and one for me. Sort of His and His.

Any thoughts or ideas as to what they could be? Or what their purpose in life is? And Jack you're not to answer this one, and as we know a good sailor obeys his Captain.

Answer on Lunedi Lunacy.

27 settembre - San Vincenzo de' Paoli


Elizabeth said...

Ha!!! Despite having lived in China, I have NO idea what these are. Which one's you and which one's Laurent?

Bev aka Aisha said...

Are they like chocolate easter bunnies only different?

Anonymous said...

Fertility gods?

sageweb said...

wow. I think they are just strange.

Blake said...

When I visited in China and went to the Great Wall, they were shown to me. Because I was a good tourist and bought some over priced tea I was given one. I have not tried to see how well mine works yet. I will keep it as party entertainment. Now, why do the Chinese love them and insist in selling / giving them to the tourists?