Monday, September 01, 2008

Lunedi Lunacy

"But how can you do a parody of Fellini, " asked friend Robert when I mentioned I was posting these clips. "He's a parody to begin with."

And I must admit he has a point - some of the scenes in this Saunders and French sketch could have been lifted directly from a few - quite a few - of Fellini's films without a single change being made. But Dawn French as Anita Ekberg has to be seen to be believed. And they may have been right: those sudden endings which we discussed so studiously in Cinema 203 - Finality in Italian Film - maybe they just ran out of money... or film!

01 settembre - Sant' Egidio abate


Doralong said...

Thanks! I needed French & Saunders this morning! I love those two- a pair of geniuses they are!

sageweb said...

Oh they are my favorite...great find I havent seen these.