Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mercoledi Musicale

I know I'm given to mini-themes here so it should come as no surprise that today's music ties in with Lunedi's lunacy. Rossini stopped writing operas when he was 37 and for the remaining 39 years of his life wrote mostly occasional pieces - secular, sacred, instrumental and vocal.

His Péchés de vieillesse (Sins of My Old Age) includes this lovely vocal piece I Gondolieri sung here by the 2005 TMEA All-State Mixed Choir conducted by Simon Carrington accompanied by Thomas Jaber. I've been assured by a few singers I know that the older Rossini had lost none of his ability to give singers - particularly the tenors - a work out.

A Dedication: This little piece is for Ryan - he loved Rossini.

It has been almost two years since Ryan decided to leave us. As I recounted in one of my first postings he and I met over a whistled snatch of Rossini's Di Tanti Palpiti and became the best of friends. At the time he left I was filled with both anger and loss at, what seemed to me, an unexplainable act. The anger has long ago disappeared but the sense of loss is as acute today as it was two years ago.

So much has happened in that time that I wish I were able to share with him. The move to Rome, our wedding, the loss of our Reese, travel, food and all the silly day-to-day things you share with friends. And of course, the music, especially the music.

Sure there are other people I can talk to about the dreadful Aida at Caracalla or the incredible Fidelio at Reggio Emilio but not in the same way. With them there would not be that deep, appreciative chuckle and raised knowing eyebrow. So often I have found myself leaving the opera or concert hall thinking: if only I could tell Ryan about ... I can only imagine the conversations!!!

Dearest R. your Darling Boy and the Lad still miss you very much and we hold you in our hearts. We can only hope that you found a peace that was otherwise denied you. Baci di Roma.

24 settembre - Beata Vergine Maria della Mercede


sageweb said...

What a beautiful sentiment.

Anonymous said...

Many memories have been resurfacing this week. It is sad that we who were related by blood did not know him as well as others did.
How I wish....
His loving cousin