Sunday, September 21, 2008


And this is what joy looks like - particularly for our friends Rachel and Tim. They work with an NGO giving much needed assistance to the ever increasing refugee community in Rome. In early July they returned from the States with 4 week old Joy as a happy addition to their family.

And as we know happy can be a synonymous with joy and Joy is one happy baby. I couldn't choose which of the two pictures to post ... so I've posted both of them.

Having a baby now means that Rachel, and Tim too, are being exposed to the "Nonna factor" of baby care in Italy. Everyone one - and they don't actually have to be a nonna (grandma) or female - knows more about caring for a baby than you do and, though a total stranger, is more than willing to tell you so. Particularly as the only one less qualified to raise a child than that "worthless woman my son married" is a "stranera." She has been accosted for taking Joy out in 90 degree weather in a sleeveless top. She has been warned about holding the baby upright. And she has taken to assuring everyone who asks that she is indeed putting a spoonful of olive oil in Joy's formula. The last an out and out lie but a necessary one in face of the howls of neglect that would be heaped upon her head if she answered otherwise. And speaking of heads what is that baby doing out with a hat? Povera bimba! with a mother who is trying to kill her!

With some many Nonni looking out for her, Joy won't have a worry in the world.

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DoraLong said...

Nonni live here too- trust me!!

evilganome said...

It is comforting to know that all of Italy is looking out for Joy. By the way, you will have to start playing Three Dog Night's "Joy to the World" for her.

Jeff said...

What a precious little doll.

sageweb said...

Gorgeous baby! How funny about all the Nonni.

Anonymous said...

She probably got more advice when she was pregnant!
Joy is beautiful!


Sling said...

Joy is pretty as a speckled pup!
I guess it takes a whole village of Nonni to raise a child.