Monday, September 22, 2008

Lunedi Lunacy

The Gondoliers Poster 1983Back in the 1980s as well as Shakespeare the Stratford Festival offered a yearly helping of Gilbert and Sullivan directed and choreographed by Brian Macdonald. Macdonald is recognized as one of his generations' important ballet choreographers but was also known for directing musicals, operettas and operas with a dance-like flair. His G & S productions were well-cast, beautifully designed, often campy, more often innovative and most often offensive to died-in-the-wool Savoyards. But the audiences flocked to see them and the SRO signs were up most nights that they played.

I saw The Gondoliers twice and each time this number brought the house down.

It may not have been traditional Gilbert and Sullivan but it was great fun!

22 settembre - San Maurizio


sageweb said...

I love seeing men dance with dolls.

Sling said...

..and I get a kick out of seeing chicks flash their knickers!
This has universal appeal.

Willym said...

Men dancing with dolls... think I saw a movie about that once but they weren't danc.... forget it!

Jeff said...

Loved G and S at Stratford in the 80's- went three times. The poster for the Mikado (1983) hung on my wall for 20 years

evilganome said...

That was just wonderful! I must tip my hat to whoever choreographed that.

It was fun watching the women let the dolls have it was well!