Friday, December 28, 2007


I love Pat and Stanley and this one expresses how both Laurent and I feel at the moment.

For non-French speakers here's a rough translation:

Stanley (the dog): You still feeling down Pat?

Pat: Yes

Stanley: Come on buck up, I've arranged a little surprise.


Pat: Wow! That's great! How did you do that?

Stanley: Its nothing. Just a little imagination and lots of friendship.

Pat: Its real cool - Friendship.

You've got that right Pat.

Thank you to all our friends.

28 decembre - Santi Bambini Innocenti Martiri


Anonymous said...

clap clap clap
That was delightful!

Elizabeth said...

Vraiment, "C'est trop cool, l'amite!" merci for introducing me to Pat and Stanley! The youngest and i just spent a lovely half and hour watching every Pat and Stanley Youtube had! Tres charmant!

BigAssBelle said...