Friday, December 28, 2007


I love Pat and Stanley and this one expresses how both Laurent and I feel at the moment.

For non-French speakers here's a rough translation:

Stanley (the dog): You still feeling down Pat?

Pat: Yes

Stanley: Come on buck up, I've arranged a little surprise.


Pat: Wow! That's great! How did you do that?

Stanley: Its nothing. Just a little imagination and lots of friendship.

Pat: Its real cool - Friendship.

You've got that right Pat.

Thank you to all our friends.

28 decembre - Santi Bambini Innocenti Martiri


Auld Hat said...

clap clap clap
That was delightful!

Elizabeth said...

Vraiment, "C'est trop cool, l'amite!" merci for introducing me to Pat and Stanley! The youngest and i just spent a lovely half and hour watching every Pat and Stanley Youtube had! Tres charmant!

BigAssBelle said...