Thursday, December 06, 2007

Extravagance ... and Optimism

Teatro dell'Opera logo
In a gesture of extravagance and optimism I purchased a box for the Opera and Ballet for the coming year. Extravagance because a box is five seats and we are only two but this way we can invite friends or visitors to come out for the evening with us. And I'll never had this chance again - our own box (10D) at the opera! Damn the expense I say! Optimism because I am saying that on December 11, 2008 I'll be alive, well and able to attend Otello. But to be honest if I don't book subscriptions we will end up not going. Its happened so often in other places: Oh look the bus-truck production of the hit musical In Cold Blood is coming to town, we must get tickets. Oh damn that was last week.

Okay Roma isn't La Scala - hell I guess its not even La Fenice or San Carlo - but at least here you have a chance of getting a seat as most transactions still have to be done at the box office. There are a few other opera houses, that will remain nameless, were the only people who seem to have seats are the scalpers. The minute seats go on the Internet they are snatched up - and how exactly at 2 per customer do those totes outside the theatre end up with rolls of 10 to 12?? The big subscription booster this year is the Muti Otello scheduled to open December 6, 2008 - on the strength of that one production alone the subscription series appear to be sold out and all five performance will be standing room only. I guess I'm not alone in my optimism.

So we now have subscriptions to the Opera, the Ballet and the Accademia Ste Ceciela which guarantees that at least three times a month we'll turn off the fascinating Italian quiz shows, get off our asses and get out on the town. However friends and acquaintenances should note, we are still available the rest of the month for dinner parties, cinema and pizza forays.

06 decembre - San Nichola di Bari


Doralong said...

That, my dear, was a very sound investment.. Enjoy, and keep letting me vicariously live my cultural through you.

evilganome said...

I need to figure out how to come up with the money for a trip to Rome, so I can go to the opera with you guys.

Whadya say Doralong? You, me and a Vespa just like Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck!

Doralong said...

Tony- That would be positively Fabulous !!! I already have more or less the haircut and most of the wardrobe- Let's go! We can shop and eat and pick up men and zip through traffic like maniacs and then have Wills come bail us out of the slammer. Now THAT is a holiday my dear!

Elizabeth said...

"Okay Roma isn't La Scala...."

You are causing some serious sighing and pining here, in my end of the world. Here in the rustbelt, we get Musicals that have left Broadway and are creaking along with the second-string cast. Sun, opera, Art, Italy.... I am repeating to myself, over and over, 'My husband and children DO make living here worthwhile, they DO..."

Willym said...

EG & Doralong: Believe me given the way Vespas are driven here it would more likely be identifying body parts on the side of the road. Its brutal. But the rest sounds terrific - except I'd just have to live vicariously through your pick-up stories.

Elizabeth: Of course they do! A Tuscan sunset, an amaro in Piazza San Marco, the beaches of Amalfi.... no they do!