Thursday, December 13, 2007

GPV* - Not To Be Confused With GPP**

Realized I hadn't posted a Gratuitous Puppy Video* (not be be confused with a Gratuitous Puppy Picture**) in a while. So here we have our Reese being bathed last Sunday.

His skin condition has returned with a vengeance so for the past few days we've been walking over to the Vets - well I've been walking, he's been carried. Tuesday I met a charming older couple who were in with their dog. The lady - faded blonde but with a elegance that was unforced and a wonderful smile when she talked about her dog - had found her wandering on the street two years ago. The dog was going to be operated on that afternoon for a tumor that they hoped was benign. We talked about our pets and them being what she called "a loving responsibility," which I thought was a great phrase. I checked with Dr. Benvenuti yesterday and it was benign - I would have loved to see the smile on her face when he told her that.

13 decembre - Santa Lucia


cb said...

I hope your pup gets better soon. I have trouble hearing about sick dogs at this time of year.

Doralong said...

*Insert high pitched girly Awwwwww* Look at the little sweetie baby!!

Dang- I wish mine were that good about baths! Getting 120 lbs of stubborn dog bathed and 50 pounds of skittish crazy dog bathed would be far less traumatic for all concerned.

Lorraine said...


And I'm very happy for the nice lady.

evilganome said...

Reese is so patient! I have never had a dog that would put up with bathing so well. Though my daughter had a cat that would submit to flea baths. It was amazing. Crackers, the cat, would sit in the tub, unhappy but patient as my daughter bathed him.

He looks like he is enjoying towel time.

more cowbell said...

Oh, the indignity of it all! However, by the time he got to the drying part, he looked like he was having a spa day.

Willym said...

CB: Thanks so much. Poor Reese - since our move to Rome its been one thing after another. But he's getting the best care possible.

Doralong/EG: Reese has the most placid nature imaginable. At one point in Poland he was getting two shots a day for a month. He would just sit there - on the second last shot he snapped at the vet. The few times he struggles - as at the moment when his paws are being cleaned - he surprises me with how strong he can be.

Cowbell: And there's always poached chicken at the end!

BigAssBelle said...

I'm with Tony, I have never seen a puppy just lie down and let papa dry him. So sweet! but then I love your dog madly.

Deaf Betty, who was sitting on my lap throughout the video, caught the part where his little ears were flopping as you toweled his body dry.

Her body stiffened, her little chest expanded and she gave a great woof of recognition to a kindred spirit.

Skin problems at the worst. I am so sorry, poor Reese and poor you. Bill the Jack Russell has skin problems all the time. We finally have a new medicine for him that stops the itch. IT is, of course, the most expensive thing on the market, but what price puppy love?

And found her dog! Amazing!!!!!