Thursday, April 26, 2007

Spring Has Sprung - II

It was a strange winter - uncharacteristically mild for the first half and the more typical bitter cold and miserable for the second. Each day the garden reveals a little more of what survived. Sometimes the most delicate of things seems to come through while more hardy plants have suffered.
Almost a daffodil

Not quite Wordsworth's host but....

A mature hosta breaking through.The beginning of a mature hosta which will end up measuring about 2 feet across.

In bloom
A bit more like it!

I don't recall planting these tulips but they're blooming.

Sadly it looks like my minature Turkish tulips didn't make it through the cold. If I were staying I'd be tempted to plant more. They are the mother-bulbs brought to Holland from Turkey in the 17th century and cultivated, crossbred and morphed into what we now think of as Dutch tulips.

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BigAssBelle said...

beautiful photos. i have spent the day in the garden and it's been a delight. i don't see a date on this, so don't know if this is current? we're past the tulip and daffodil phase and well into peonies and starting on the daylilies. some asiatic lilies are blooming in the back garden, but they are on a south facing wall and so are probably thinking they're in zone 8 :-)